Top 3 Internet Marketing Techniques

If you have zero budget then this is the article for you. In this article I will discuss the best ways to market your website for free.

Here are the top 3 Techniques:

1Articles Share

An example of using articles to promote your website is this article. At the bottom of it should be my author bylines. If you are a good writer and know were to submit your articles then this can be possible the best traffic generator ever. By submitting articles to ezine editors, website owners, and publishers, you can generate traffic through your bylines. If you even get 1 ezine editor to publish your article in a popular ezine you can generate 50 visitors for free. The best way to get targeted visitors is to write something that people who buy your product would be interested in. For example I wrote this article because I know that webmasters are always looking for marketing techniques and my website is for webmasters.


People love free information and ebooks are one of the main sources for this. Ebooks have the potential to keep on growing if they provide important and unique information. Though the only way they can grow rapidly is if they have distribution and resell rights. Ebooks like articles are viral because they provide free information and information is shared quickly if it is quality. If they have distribution and resell rights then people will customize the ebook with there links but as long as you have your links scattered in the ebook then you will generate many visitors. The best technique is to email all your affiliates and tell them they can customize the ebook with there affiliate links making them some money and you to in the process. This gives them incentive to distribute them.

3Search Engines

This one doesn’t seem to go with the first 2 but it is the 3rd best free traffic driver. The reason this is third and not first though it brings more traffic than ebooks and articles is because it is an art to getting top search engine ranking for your keywords. Search engines drive approximately 40% of my traffic, I would rather this number be closer to 20% because it is not good depending on one source of traffic especially one as unstable as search engines. For example goggle’s Florida update.

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