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February 3, 2016


PROJECT Sprinter
PERIOD: October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2015
CLIENT: In-house Project for CIMSOLUTIONS.
ACTIVITIES: Sprinter Project was initiated by CIMSOLUTIONS Bangladesh Ltd. The Goal of the project was to automate the In-House Project management process. This would bring Productivity and Manageability in Software Development Projects. Apart from team-management, collaboration and project scheduling it will also engage external stake-holders with better picture on Product Development status and client feedbacks. Another important focus is to implement standard Industry and Software Quality Practices in development scenario.As a project manager I have involved in organize the team meetings, requirement analysis and guidelines for the team, Organizing Scrum, task status review etc. We are Applying Agile Methodologies for project management. We have successfully completed Sprint 3 and we are on Sprint 4 now.

As an Architect, I have designed the Project Prototype, Helped team to make the Use Cases, Functional Requirements, Product Backlog, Story preparation, task breakdown.

ROLE: Project Manager, Architect
TOOLS: ASP.Net with MVC 4.5, SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition, IIS, HTML, JQuery, Axure for Prototype, Photoshop for UI design, Dream Weavers for UI development, MS Visual Studio 2013 for development, Endeavour Agile ALM(PM tool).
DOMAIN: Business Automation
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April 20, 2015

Balanced Score Card Project

PROJECT Balanced Score Card Project
PERIOD: February 5, 2014 to April, 2015
CLIENT: Natherlands Embassy Bangladesh.
ACTIVITIES: This project was an ongoing project of Content Management System (CMS) for the Natherlands Embassy, started on 2012. I was involved in this project in January 2014 for update and maintenance phase. As a project manager I was involved on managing the client communication for Content update as per request, time and cost estimation for the update with a complete project plan including GANTT Chart. As a Project Architect I was involved in update plan requirement analysis and code review.
ROLE: Project Manager
TOOLS: ASP.Net, SQL Server 2008 R2, IIS, HTML, Javascript.
DOMAIN: Business Automation.
July 31, 2013


PERIOD: Apr 29, 2013 to Jul 31, 2013(still under development)
CLIENT: Nochallenge Technology, DhakaBranch
ACTIVITIES: iGrabber provides the simplest and quickest way to “Search and Save” the automobile or truck of your choice. Instead of jumping from one auto site to another you can search all the major auto sites for new or used, cars and trucks on When you find a vehicle that you like from the other sites on iGrabber you can save it to your “Wish List” with a single click. It’s completely free with no gimmicks and no hidden costs. iGrabber has an unbiased selection of the cars and trucks that you want; with no duplicates. It’s as simple as “Search One Search All”. Client wanted some feature enhancement and bug fixing. The search feature was not working and was delaying for large scale data.We have reviewed the entire code base listed all issues and enhancements, developed the enhancement requested and fixed the bugs listed by the client and previous developer. We are working on search enhancement and make an improvement on Cars make and models view etc.

As a project manager I was involved on managing the overall project goal by following agile distributed method, resource planning, sprint planning with listed issues and enhancements, Task assignment, communicating with client. Organizing daily scrum followed by a team lead. Sprint review meeting after completion of a sprint, backlog review, weekly updating client with status report, reviewing daily progress, weekly review of overall status etc.

We are on development of the proposed solution. The development work is still going on as we have a long term project contract with the client.

ROLE: Project Manager
DOMAIN: Business Automation, CRM Implementation