TCE Network

About The Project
The Christian Entrepreneur is a business networking directory in South Africa promoting integrity and ethics in business.
The network has been designed to rapidly facilitate growth in South Africa. A simple auto response system through email and website prompts is used to invite your contacts and friends and they in turn invite their friends. Through a mere click, you would effortlessly be linked to thousands of contacts resulting in a large community of like minded people.
You could also use the network to forge friendships and get great advice from bright professionals. Through various options such as polls, surveysand interest groups, you can get great feedback to grow your business.
 They offer powerful business tools linked to the database which will expose your business to thousands of members and visitors.
The Methodology
ACTIVITIES: As a project manager I was involved on managing the overall project goal by following agile methodologies, sprint planning, Task assignment, communicating with client. Organizing daily scrum. Sprint review, backlog review, weekly updating client with status report etc.

Involvement as Main developer and product owner and successfully completed Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and the goal were well defined. Client have further enhancement plan for future expansion. The web application can be viewed at

ROLE: Project Manager, Business Analyst,Project Lead
DOMAIN: Business Automation, Social Networking
Key Details
Project Date: Feb1, 2009 to Jan10, 2011
Project Budget: 150000 USD
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, DHTML, Java Script