About The Project

Project was done for Hubbell/Tyner located in St. Paul, MN, USA. Client is a big Event/ Trade-show organizer and has multiple locations and facilities for managing the trade-shows. Client had a integrated system build on VB and MS Access to handle the data. However, client was facing various issues while managing the trade-shows. There was no inventory tracking system to track the available products or equipment’s which are used at different stalls. Therefore they were facing various issues while there are multiple events on the same schedule. There was no customer relationship management system to handle various activities with the customer with Sales reps, support reps etc. They were facing issues while loading or unloading products or equipment’s and their respective schedule maintenance. It was difficult to identify available quantity of the product while loading or unloading items. There was no real-time calculation at the time of loading. Client also in need of online invoicing to various customers. Overall client wanted a automated solution by considering all the issues that client have and a cost effective solution.
Based on the above situation we have developed a project plan with following modules, Client/Customer – Will keep track of all client and customer details, related contact information, one client can have many contacts based on the location of the event or events. Event – Will keep track of customer events detail information. Schedule – Will track event schedule, exhibitor’s schedule, load schedule, event start date, start time, end date, end time and so on. Facility – to keep a list of facilities based on the different location. Event Facility – to book a facility for a particular event. Inventory – to keep track of product / equipment’s total available quantity, booked quantity, quantity on hand for future booking etc. Work Order – to generate different work order online. Load List: to keep track of loaded and unloaded items with a real time calculation. Purchase order – online purchase order generation. Invoice – Generation online invoice and send it to clients/ customers, PDF generation of invoice. Quotes – to send a quotation to a respective client by following the requirement and facility location.

The Methodology
ACTIVITIES: As a project manager I was involved on managing the overall project goals by following agile distributed method, resource planning, sprint planning, Task assignment, communicating with client and shake holders and getting confirmation about the requirement that we have listed on a specific task basis. Organizing daily scrum followed by a team lead and other developers, Sprint review meeting after completion of a sprint, backlog review, resources skill matrix preparation, weekly updating client with status report, reviewing daily progress, weekly review of overall status etc.
As a Project Architect I was involved in designing the wire frame. Providing architecture guidelines, discussion on logical road maps of tasks, sometimes involved as a project lead to support on critical issues. Also Involved in overall deployment of the project on the hosting server. Managing hosting servers, reviewing files and databases and making sure everything is properly set for demonstration etc.
ROLE: Project Manager, Product Owner, Architect, Project Lead
DOMAIN: Business Automation, ERP/CRM
Key Details
Project Date: Nov 19, 2010 to May 31, 2013 followed by maintenance for next 3 years
Project Budget: Confidential.
SugarCRM, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5