PROJECT Picissu(
PERIOD: Sep 5, 2011 to Jan 30, 2013
CLIENT: Product Development for Nochallenge
ACTIVITIES: We used to face different issues while tracking bugs. In some cases if client is not technical, they could not express the issue easily which cause delay on the delivery. Overall it was difficult to track different kind of issues and set their respective priority list.Considering the above situation, we have planned a product which will save lot of our time for listing the bugs, or issues and track them in a professional and user friendly manner. The logic behind was to track the bug by creating real time screen shot from the application screen while walking through the demo. We have planned to provide different access control for different profile (e.g. Project Manager, Team Lead, SQA Engineers, Developers and so on. We also provided Client access on the system through which he/she will be able to list out the issues or bugs and assign it to the respective project manager who are involved on that project. Client can access his demo version of the development work, from the Picissu application and take screenshot of any particular section of a page or application screen, provide detail explanation of the issue he is facing, set its priority (e.g. Critical, Medium, Urgent etc. Then he/ she will assign the issue to a Project manager or Sr. developer who involved on the project.

Once the developer logged in the Picissu system he will see the list of bugs assigned to him. He can then start working on it based on the issue priority and after completion he can update the status as development completed and ready for testing, Once SQA logged in he/ she will see a list of the issues ready for testing. After test they can update the status as QA passed and so on. There are many other features developed for the ease of the clients. We also had provided an option for comment by the developer or tester. Admin can view project specific issues and their overall status in a graph. They also can change the status of the issue.

As a project manager I was involved on managing the overall project goal by following agile distributed method, resource planning, sprint planning, Task assignment, communicating with client and getting confirmation. Doing R&D on proposed solution. Organizing daily scrum. Sprint review meeting after completion of a sprint, backlog review, resources skill matrix preparation, weekly updating client with status report, reviewing daily progress, weekly review of overall status etc.

As a result we had developed a solution which helped us to speed up the issue tracking on a parallel basis. The outcome was an application for bug tracking of the ongoing projects which will help clients to generate the screenshots of the error screen and thus will reduce the communication delay between clients and developers. There will be further enhancement of the product features with different releases.

ROLE: Project Manager
TOOLS: ASP.NET, C#., SQL Server, Ajax
DOMAIN: Business Automation, Issue tracker with Screen Shot capture
About Nilotpal Paul

Expertise in software development, Web application development, enterprise implementation, and project management for large and complex projects within time and budgetary constraints. Managed highly skilled team of professionals in software development, web application development, ERP / CRM implementation, Ecommerce application development for national and international clients. Involved in Database Design, Enterprise wide Implementations, Web Application Development, Custom Software Development, System Integrations/ Migrations. Involved in ROI Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Costing & Budgeting, Project Scheduling, Testing / QA / Support. Involved on Business Proposal creation, compiling and demonstrating and producing highly detailed business requirements documents, functional Requirements, SRS, Technical Documentation, Business Case, High level Process Flow Diagrams, Wireframes, Use-Case breakdown, Product Backlogs, and responsible for R&D as well as process and change management. Worked with teams of different department, e.g. Accounts, Finance, HR, Event Management etc. to help them making decision or to support them for different activities including resource planning, IT based event preparation, sorting client based financial discrepancies etc. Successfully delivered projects and assignments to international clients, from USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, India, and Bangladesh and supporting activities for many other countries.

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