Professional Experiences

Work History

  1. Project Manager / Technical Consultant (July 01, 2013 - Continuing)

    Company: CIMSOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd.
    Company Location: 7-9 BTMC Building, 7th Floor, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh
    Department: Software Development


    • Managed large and complex software projects and enterprise system implementations.
    • Agile Scrum Practitioner. Implementation of Scrum practice in the team throughout the SDLC.
    • Involved in Commercial Business Proposal Writing, SRS writing, Technical Documentations, Feasibility Study and Report Writing, BRD preparation.
    • Involved in Business Case and Process Flow design, Business Intelligent, Define Product Backlog by acting as a Product Owner.
    • Building teams with technical competency.
    • Plan, organize, facilitate, coordinate, manage risks, report and deliver agreed deliverable.
      Motivate, lead, monitor, supervise, evaluate and support project teams, suppliers and sub-contractors.
    • Ensure the delivery of project deliverable according to agreed quality, cost and deadline.
    • Liaise with client, users, management and other stake holders to align project goals and ensure acceptance.
    • Additional project role and responsibility depending on need, experience and skills, e.g. Requirements Analyst, Business System Analyst, Information Engineer, Software Architect, Technical Consultant etc.
    • Support for different activities of accounts, finance, HR etc.
  2. Software Development Manager (February 01, 2011 - June 30, 2013)

    Company: DK Technology Ltd. & Nochallenge Technology LLC(USA)
    Company Location :
    DK Tower, Banglamotor, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Department: Technology


    • Work together with team leads to plan and execute projects, ensure that teams have appropriate product and technical specifications, direction, and resources to deliver products effectively by establishing realistic estimates for time-lines while ensuring that projects remain on target to meet deadlines.
    • Followed Agile- Scrum methodologies through the SDLC process.
    • Track and report the status of projects on various teams, acting as a gateway through which work were assigned to appropriate teams while ensuring that project scope is adequately defined.
    • Demonstrated leadership abilities to commercial and government clients with the deployment of software enhancements and fixes that are coordinated based on release schedules.
    • Demonstrated a software plan that meets the future needs of commercial and government clients on technical challenges of industry demands.
    • Involved in Business Proposal Writing, Business System Analysis, High level technical design documentation, BRD preparation, and Architectural design.
    • Liaised with accounts and business development teams and support them in various managerial activities.
    • Served as the technical lead in all client meetings which have implemented Nochallenge products.
    • Evolved the existing software system applications and architecture in various areas as needed.
    • Helped developers resolve problems both technical as well as human resources issues, tracking and approving vacation and personal days for employees within their teams and monitoring individual employees performance and relaying this to upper management.
    • Provided leadership and guidance to coach, motivate, and lead team members to their optimum performance levels and career development.
    • Administer technical interviews with potential business clients.
    • Reported to CEO and MD of Nochallange / DK Technologies and DK Group.
  3. Project Manager / Sr. Software Engineer (November 20, 2006 - January 31, 2011)

    Company: Mascon Global Limited & Infosage Systems Ltd.
    Company Location: Hyderabad, India.
    Department: Web Development

    Responsibility as Project Manager:

    • Responsible for delivering projects trough out SDLC.
    • Accomplished the project objectives within the constraints of the project.
    • Followed Agile scrum project Management methodologies.
    • Involved in planning, controlling and monitoring, and also managing and directing the assigned project resources to best meet project objectives.
    • Controls and monitors triple constraints project scope, time and cost (with quality)
    • Involved in SRS writing, Business Requirement documentation, BI activities.
    • Collect metrics data (such as baseline, actual costs, schedule, work in progress, and work completed) & reports on project progress and other project specific information to stakeholders.
    • Identifying, monitoring, and responding to risk.
    • Reporting to Director of Operations.

    Responsibility as Sr. Software Engineer:

    • UI Design/Development for various projects
    • Integration of Design given by Client with proposed workflow.
    • Design/Development/ Enhancements of UI as per proposed workflow
    • AJAX integration
    • Different ERP module development
    • Event Management Product Development
    • Ecommerce Application development, Shopping Cart integration CS Cart, Digi shop, Magento, Prestashop
    • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal development and implementation
    • Responsible for Customer/user data migration, Product and Content Package data pull from Database, Database – Enhancement of existing DB, Application Logging, Security, Session Management, Data Transfers etc.
    • Payment gateway integration PayPal,, Google Checkout
    • Involved on Detail Technical help documentation
  4. Technical Lead - Web Development (May 2, 2005 - November 19, 2006)

    Company : Hosting Network Inc. Subsidiary of Ecommerce Inc. (Austria)
    Company Location : Hyderabad, India
    Department: Application

    • LINUX based Web Hosting Administration including Apache, PHP, MySQL, PgSQL
    • Windows based Web Hosting Administration with IIS, ASP, MSSQL
    • phpBB2 Forum Design, Configuration and customization with MySQL database.
    • OSCommerce Installation, Configuration, and customization with MySQL database.
    • Word Press Installation, Configuration, and customization with MySQL database.
    • Joomla Integration, Template Design, Component Design and customization, Module Design and customization.
  5. Software Engineer - Lead Developer (August 01, 2002 - April 30, 2005)

    Company: Infinity International Processing Services, Inc.
    Company Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Department: Application

    • Worked on AT&T wireless system billing application Support, maintenance and Email Customer Care, Over the AIR programming and support, Network failure Support through WebEx, Technical query resolution for different mobile networks.
    • Worked for AT&T billing application functional customization and maintenance.
    • LINUX based Web Hosting Administration including Apache, PHP, MySQL, PgSQL support.
    • Red Hat LINUX 7.2 Installation and configuration.
    • Windows 2000 Server Installation and configuration.
    • Apache web server 1.2.30 LINUX based Installation and configuration.
    • My SQL installation in LINUX platform with Apache and PHP Support.
    • PHP Installation in LINUX platform with Apache and FTP support.
    • Web Page Design, Survey Application Development and Support.